Student Welfare

Pastoral Leader

Who am I?

I am Tina Cavanagh, as the Pastoral Leader of Springwell Harrogate I bring a range of skills, such as: counselling, mentoring, parenting skills, and safeguarding.

I work with families and young people to improve pupils’ attendance, achievement and overall school experience.


To enable parents to access the support they need so that they, in turn, can support their children. This can be done in many ways and I have links to other agencies who can also provide the family with information and support.

I am able to support families in a number of different areas such as:

  • Attendance
  • Behaviour
  • Achievement
  • Family Relationships
  • Routines and Boundaries
  • Bereavement

I offer a chance for parents to express their anxieties and frustrations and listen to them in a non-judgemental  way. I am able to help with making links at school which can sometimes be a daunting process for parents.

I want to help families build on their strengths and work through problem areas to achieve positive results in the family home, in school and all areas of family life.

As Pastoral Leader I offer:

  • Direct and confidential support to parents and carers in school or at home.
  • Support with your child’s behaviour, attendance and achievement.
  • Information about school and other educational institutions.
  • The opportunity to access parent and child activities and services.
  • Home visits to support the family in improving school attendance and achievement.
  • Mentoring
  • Access to parenting programmes.
  • Help to find other support agencies.
  • A chance to identify and build on your strengths as a parent.

How do you get Pastoral Support?

If you feel that you would like the support of a PSA then you can contact me:

Phone: 01423 456001