With our English curriculum we intend to equip every young person who joins our school with the skills necessary to allow them to access their next steps, be they in a new setting or in the community. 


English at Springwell Harrogate attempts to provide an enjoyable and stimulating take on a subject which is often not enjoyed, or even feared, and provide the necessary input to improve our students’ reading, writing and speaking skills. Filling in any gaps students may have in spelling, punctuation or grammar, the curriculum is also flexible in its content, allowing students to participate in projects in which they have a specific interest and allowing many opportunities for cross-curricular study.

Reciprocal Reading is central to our English teaching, learners are given the skills required to access texts in any form, but we emphasise enjoyment in reading to all our students first and foremost.

Students are assessed as they arrive at the school and the areas in which improvement is necessary are focused upon. Various forms of media are used, including literature from a diverse range of time periods and authors, as well as relevant cinema.