Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum

All students are offered English, Maths, and Science lessons, they are taught according to their ability – based upon KS2 results, and through robust baseline testing. Parallel to this academic core curriculum all students are taught Emotional Literacy and a full day of  experiential learning. 



RAP (Reading Advancement Program) addresses past negative attitudes to reading by introducing appealing & relatable reading texts that are more relevant to our young people. Reciprocated Reading techniques are used to teach literature, focusing on Predicting, Visualising, Summarising & Clarifying what students have read. RIP (Reading Intervention Program) identifies struggling readers with 1to1 intervention.

English at Springwell Harrogate attempts to provide an enjoyable and stimulating take on a subject which is often not enjoyed, or even feared, and provide the necessary input to improve our students’ reading, writing and speaking skills. Filling in any gaps students may have in spelling, punctuation or grammar, the curriculum is also flexible in its content, allowing students to participate in projects in which they have a specific interest and allowing many opportunities for cross-curricular study.

Students are assessed as they arrive at the school and the areas in which improvement is necessary are focused upon. Various forms of media are used, including literature from a diverse range of time periods and authors, as well as relevant cinema. 


Springwell Harrogate recognises the importance of Mathematics in both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.  Our younger students get the opportunity to follow a broad Mathematics curriculum that addresses their gaps in knowledge, builds on their prior knowledge and stretches them a little further each year, thus preparing them for KS4 study and beyond.  Mathematics is taught 3 times a week and our vision is to create an environment in which all learners can make progress through a kinaesthetic, engaging, immersive and creative approach.



Science at Springwell Harrogate contributes significantly to pupils’ enjoyment and understanding of the world and their place within it right from Key Stage 3 to 4. It is made accessible to all pupils through a focus on fun practical work, first-hand experience and STEM projects designed to inspire and engage learners. Teaching key skills such as making observations, predictions and evaluation of first-hand observations are of equal importance to knowledge and understanding.

The emphasis at KS3 is catering Science to student interests, curiosity and everyday life. Threaded through the curriculum is the breadth of science specialisms; Biology, Chemistry and Physics giving students a flavour of key concepts which help them think more deeply about the world around them. 

The learning of science is greatly focused towards building independent and problem-solving skills to allow pupils to develop their own ability to explore and find things out in science with enquiry-based learning.


Experiential Learning

Pupils at Springwell Harrogate will have the opportunity to take part in Experiential Learning once a week. This will be an opportunity for pupils to experience a number of off-site activities that have been planned to broaden horizons, gain new experiences, learn new skills and essentially challenge themselves within the five core skills.  

The five core skills that embed Experiential Learning are Communication, Organisation, Leadership, Resilience and Initiative. Key skills that can be transferred into a multitude of settings, subjects and subsequently aid in their future both in and out of an education setting.

This curriculum is also fundamental in the development of the pupils SEMH needs. Identified SEMH skills will be assessed, discussed and tracked weekly through each of the chosen SEMH strands. These have been chosen because they both suit the requirements of the activity but are also in need of development for that individual child.


Emotional Literacy

ELS (Emotional Literacy Support) is timetabled & taught to all students here at Springwell by our qualified ELSA. ELS teaches our young people how to recognise emotions in ourselves & in others. Our young people are then enabled to understand the neuroscience of what is happening to them in different emotional states & try different strategies to handle their feelings. This in turn puts them in a better position to learn.