Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning


In Experiential Learning we intend on improving the social and emotional skills of young people through the development of strong safe, trusting relationships.

Pupils at Springwell Harrogate will have the opportunity to take part in Experiential Learning once a week. This will be an opportunity for pupils to experience a number of off-site activities that have been planned to broaden horizons, gain new experiences, learn new skills and essentially challenge themselves within the five core skills.  


The five core skills that embed Experiential Learning are:

  • Communication 
  • Organisation 
  • Leadership
  • Resilience
  • Initiative


These are key skills that can be transferred into a multitude of circumstances, subjects and subsequently aid in their future both in and out of an education setting.


This curriculum is also fundamental in both supporting and developing the pupils SEMH needs. Identified SEMH skills are assessed, discussed and tracked weekly through each of the chosen SEMH strands. These have been chosen because they both suit the requirements of the activity but are also in need of development for that individual child.