Academy Advisory Body

We are currently ungoing changes to our school’s governance, and the AAB is in the process of being finalised.


Introduction to the Grove Academy by the Chairman of the Academy Advisory Board

I am pleased to introduce you to the Grove Academy which is part of the School Partnership trust Academies. We converted to Academy status in September 2013 which is when we joined with the Delta. Despite independence from the Local Authority we remain an active participant in local events and support the schools in the Harrogate area and North Yorkshire.

I believe we offer a caring and stimulating environment for our pupils and hope that they benefit both academically and socially from their time with us.

The AAB meets at least once a term. They work very closely with the Head of Academy and are ultimately responsible for curriculum delivery, the school’s finance and personnel. The Head of Academy and his staff are responsible for the planning teaching and monitoring of the National Curriculum and the day to day running of the school. The AAB, Head of Academy and staff work in partnership to promote the aims of the school.

The Head of Academy, Senior Managers, and all the Teaching Staff work incredibly hard to make a first class and safe learning environment for your children.

The aim of the AAB is to consider the needs and the wellbeing of the pupils. The Grove Academy gives them an opportunity to learn and work in a secure, supportive and stimulating environment. We hope that the pupils, in their time at The Grove Academy will grow academically, socially and emotionally and will achieve their full potential.

The last Ofsted inspection in June 2015  was outstanding. A copy of this report can be found on the Statutory Information page here.

You can also find details of all members of the Academy Advisory Board on the Statutory Information page here.