Outdoor Education

The Grove Academy offers a comprehensive Outdoor Education Programme designed to develop the students’ self confidence, self reliance and self awareness. Students are encouraged to take on new and exciting challenges. The skills they learn can be used to tackle the problems they meet in everyday life, e.g. problem-solving, teamwork, communication skills etc..

Students at KS3 and KS4 take part in Outdoor Education once a week for a half day. The programme involves Mountain Biking, Climbing, Orienteering, Mountain Walking, Environmental Studies, Bushcraft, Canoeing and Sailing. Activities are arranged in four week blocks, thus providing opportunity for progression and accreditation.

Accreditation comes through six Unit Awards, Royal Yachting Association Levels 1 and 2, British Canoe Union Star awards, NICAS indoor climbing awards, and contributions to GCSE coursework at mainstream schools.