COVID-19 Important notice

Dear Parent and Carer,


Hope you are keeping well.


Just a quick update on some changes starting Monday in response to the virus, which are designed to keep everyone safe.


Wearing face coverings

From Monday 5th October, all children will be required to wear masks or face coverings within school in all areas outside of their bubble classroom. Please ensure your child brings a mask or face covering to school every day. Similarly, staff will also be wearing masks in shared areas.


Staff will continue the social distancing rules with each other and students. We also continue to emphasise the importance of regular hand-washing with soap and water throughout the day.


Family Plan

As we prepare ourselves for a possible increase in COVID-19 cases in our area, can I ask you to consider a family plan in the event that your child develops symptoms whilst at school. In such a situation, we would contact you to ask you to collect your child. Obviously, we are unable to use public transport or taxis in such situations. It would help us, therefore, if you have a plan in place on how you would do this, given your work and family commitments.


Online learning

If your child does have to remain at home isolating or awaiting a test, we can provide online lessons. As part of your family plan, it would be helpful to have access to a personal computer or laptop with an internet connection. We are unable to supply any computer equipment at this time.


If your child has symptoms

If you suspect your child has COVID-19 symptoms, please do not send them to school. The symptoms include:

  • a change or loss of taste and/or smell OR
  • a high temperature  OR
  • a continuous dry cough.


If a child displays or reports these symptoms whilst at school we will have to act in accordance with Government guidance and isolate the child until they can be collected by their family.


Also, please let us know the result of any test as soon as possible. We will continue to make welfare calls whilst your child is self-isolating.


For more detailed guidance please visit:


The health and safety of everyone remains our first concern. Full details of our practices can be found on our website along with COVID-19 advice. Thank you for your understanding and for working with us to keep everyone safe during this difficult time.


Yours faithfully


Mr Warren