Delta Academies Trust ranked among best in the Country!

Delta Academies Trust ranked among best in the country in new Government rankings

— Schools Minister Lord Agnew hails Delta’s positive impact for pupils —

Delta Academies Trust, which leads 51 schools across Yorkshire and the Humber, has been ranked one of the best education providers in the country in new Government tables.

In official league tables, Delta was ranked 14th out of more than 100 academy trusts for GCSE results and the progress students make – and third of the large academy trusts overseeing at least 20 schools. The result is particularly impressive because Delta specialises in taking on and transforming long-term under-performing schools, and because it has a much higher proportion of disadvantaged students in its schools than the national average.

In the Department for Education’s headline GCSE measure, called Progress 8, Delta scored 0.3. This means it is performing “above average” and is adding a third of a grade more for every GCSE subject its students take than they had been expected to achieve when they started secondary school.

Its primary schools also performed strongly, with excellent progress in reading, writing and maths in the national tests taken by all 11-year-olds. The Department for Education described Delta’s results as “above average”.

Only one trust with more than the 25 Delta schools counted in the tables did better than Delta in terms of the proportion of pupils achieving the expected standard in all of reading, writing and maths. Again, the result is especially impressive because while under a third of primary school pupils nationally are considered “disadvantaged”, the figure is 44% in Delta’s primary academies.

Delta Academies Trust is committed to ensuring that pupils and students get the best possible start in life, by achieving excellent academic qualifications, gaining confidence through a strong extra-curricular offer and raising aspirations.

Schools Minister Lord Agnew said:

“These results are truly impressive and demonstrate what can be achieved through the hard work of pupils, teachers and leaders. Delta Academies Trust is demonstrating its worth and recording impressive results year after year.”

Paul Tarn, Chief Executive of Delta Academies Trust, said:

“We have the highest expectations for what children can achieve and back this up with strong leadership, excellent teaching and support for all the children and young people in our academies.

“These results demonstrate the positive impact we make to help children and young people in our primary and secondary academies achieve well, whatever their background, and how we add real value from the moment they join our schools, whatever their starting-point. 

We are committed to making sure children are getting the first-class education they deserve, so they can take advantage of every opportunity and fulfil their potential.”