KS3 Visit to Hackfall!

On Monday 24th June, KS3 pupils enjoyed a misty few hours in the jungle like woodlands of Hackfall near Grewelthorpe.  They walked down to the pond and waited for something to happen!  After about five minutes, I suggested that one of them should pump the pump!  They did and a fountain appeared in the middle of the pond.  Pupils then had a go at sun art using special light sensitive paper.  Ferns were laid on the paper and after some time an irreversible change occurred and they were left with images of the plants.

We then continued to drop down into the valley.   Crossing a stream Mr Turner found an opportunity for a sporting competition!  He got us to make small boats and to then have a race.  Daniel won.  We enjoyed Turner’s view of the River Ure from Fishers Hall and then set off for the beach.  Anthony was incredible and was the only one to be able to throw a small stone across the river.

With the promise of homemade ice creams at G and T’s we climbed the hill.  It made us giggle at the parlour as the heavens opened.  We all grouped together to try and keep dry, enjoying our different flavours and trying not to be dripped on.

Thank you so much to Mr Turner, Miss Burton-Cole and Mr Kitson for making this a fun trip.


Mrs Kersey