Fountains Abbey – Mosaic Workshop! A thank you from Mrs Kersey!

I would like to thank both staff at Fountains Abbey and The Grove Academy for making these two workshops possible. On both stunning days on the 11th and 12ths of February KS3 and GCSE art pupils were all given the opportunity to learn how to create mosaic that will last all their lives.

KS3 pupils chose tropical fish and Abbie a heart, (it was near to Valentine’s Day). They had a wonderful array of subtle as well as shocking colours to choose from. The pupils were taught how to work out their ideas using the small ceramic tiles and then shown how to carefully glue them onto a board. They were then taught the useful DIY skill of how to grout them during their art lessons.

The following day Lauren sketched and took photos of the Hall and Abbey before returning to Swanley Barn to begin her mosaic. She chose to work on the view of the small bridge and river close to the old mill. Her work is part of her portfolio which is developing well.

Thanks once again to Janet, Rowena and Deb for all the continued support. We have now been enjoying their workshops for 11 years.

Mrs Kersey