PSHCE is delivered in timetabled weekly lessons and called Personal Development.

In addition to weekly timetabled lessons, students will also have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular events, trips and visits that supplement the Personal Development programme.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

All Key Stage 3 students will spend their first term looking at their own emotional health and well-being; developing their emotional literacy, their ability to self-reflect and their self-esteem.

The initial 12 week programme will culminate in students participating in an ASDAN challenge that helps them to put this learning into practice.

The challenges are:

A)     To spend a night in the woods in a self-built shelter. Students work in a small group. They travel independently to the wood using public transport and their own navigation skills, they erect their own shelters and  cook their own meals. The successful completion of this challenge requires teamwork, social skills, independent life skills and emotional resilience.

Staff use remote supervision to monitor the teams and mentor them when necessary.

B)      Take part in an event for charity. Students work as a team to plan and take part in a challenging  fundraising event to help people less fortunate than themselves (an SOS Children’s Village in Zambia). The successful completion of this  task requires empathy, teamwork, social skills and emotional resilience. 

In addition, pupils will learn about Fundamental British Values by having the opportunity to put these into practice by visiting a mosque; to learn about the true nature of Islam and develop their tolerance for people of different faiths and a respect for the individual liberties of people from a different cultural background to themselves.

Following the completion of a twelve week placement, Key stage 3 students will then follow a traditional PSHE curriculum focusing on Health and Well-being and Relationships, according to the needs of the individuals and the group.

The topics commonly covered are:

  • how to make informed choices about health and wellbeing matters including drugs, alcohol and tobacco; maintaining a balanced diet; physical activity; mental and emotional health and wellbeing; and sexual health;
  • about parenthood and the consequences of teenage pregnancy;
  • how to assess and manage risks to health; and to keep themselves and others safe;
  • how to identify and access help, advice and support;
  • the role and influence of the media on lifestyle;
  • how to develop and maintain a variety of healthy relationships within a range of social/cultural contexts;
  • how to recognise and manage emotions within a range of relationships;
  • how to deal with risky or negative relationships including all forms of bullying (including the distinct challenges posed by online bullying) and abuse, sexual and other violent and online encounters;
  • about the concept of consent in a variety of contexts (including in sexual relationships);
  • about managing loss including bereavement, separation and divorce.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Key Stage 4 students will spend the first term focusing on their own ambitions and career pathways to prepare them for life beyond KS4. By completing the ASDAN World of Work module challenges, each student will develop their personal aspirations and improve their motivation to learn and achieve qualifications. All students will also have the opportunity to complete a period of work experience.

The World of Work unit will give students the opportunity:

  • to explore their ambitions and career options;
  • learn about Further Education opportunities and apprenticeships;
  • talk to a Careers Advisor;
  • visit a careers fair;
  • look for a suitable work experience employer;
  • write a letter of application and compile a CV;
  • attend an interview for  work experience;
  • complete an extended period of work experience in a chosen vocation – one day a week as part of the weekly school timetable.

Following the completion of the World of Work module, KS4 students will focus on the other available ASDAN modules according to their areas of interest and need; working towards an ASDAN Bronze Award in the process

Other modules available are: Communication; The Community; Sport and Leisure; Home Management; The Environment; Health and Survival; Science and Technology; The Wider World; Expressive Arts; Beliefs and Values.

Within this programme there will also be opportunities to address areas of PSHE need when the student can focus on the Health and Well-being and Relationships topics (set out above in the KS3 section).